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My stomach hurts...I should be excited about going to NY and up until yesterday I was. Last night it even crossed my mind not to go.

For anyone that doesn't know and might give a shit my friend Matt has been in the hospital since Sunday with a severe case of pneumonia and pleurisy. He seemed to have been doing better till yesterday when they had to sedate him and put a breathing tube in him. I was at the hospital yesterday from 9am-12:30pm and it felt honestly as if his nurse didn't give 2 shits that I was there to support Matt. I understand that his condition was worsening yesterday, but she could have shown an ounce of concern when I'd attempt to check on him. She wouldn't even give me any information as to what was going on...she'd pretty much just tell me that "he's not doing good". I had to find out through a mutual friend what that exactly ment.

I'm an emotional wreck, one second I'm totally ok and the next I'm bawling. I wanted to see him before I left but that didn't happen. Please if you're into this sorta thing pray for him...Any kind of support helps a lot right now. Luckily I'll be able to keep in touch and get updates while I'm out of town, and the FIRST thing I do when I get back if he's still hospitalized is go see him...fuck what his nurses think of me.

I'm gonna go drink my OJ and board the plane soon...this kid's gonna give me ulcers I'm worried about him so much.

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I hope he gets better soon!!
Don't worry, I wasn't even able to go see him today. Apparently the best source of information is the people he was staying with because there are a lot of people calling the hospital for him. I've managed to get info out of the nurses only because I'm nosy and I don't let up.

Last night they said I could see him, but then tonight they said they weren't allowing anyone in to see him. From my experience with hospitals, that is probably good news. First of all, he doesn't have any blood relatives in town besides his half brother. I haven't heard about his mom coming in yet, and if he was in real bad shape, I am sure she would be there.

I got a lot less bleak picture of his whole situation today. But believe me, I'm still a wreck because that could change at any minute. He is sedated just so he isn't having coughing fits all the time and so his body can heal. When he was awake, he wasn't sleeping well or just little naps here and there and now at least he is getting the rest he needs for his body to get healthy again. For whatever reason, the coughing started up again and the only way to stop the cough reflex is sedation.

Believe me, when I do talk to him again he's definitely going to get told I don't need a scare like this again. All I can say is thank god

I am guessing he will still be in the hospital next week when you get back, but once he doesn't need to be sedated, he will probably go back to a normal room and be able to have visitors.


February 16 2007, 06:07:51 UTC 10 years ago

This honestly helps me relax a lot. Thanks for everything. Keep in touch! <3<3<3
that was me...duh...I wasn't signed in on my friend's computer.
I am glad. You don't need to be so worried when you're in NY. Enjoy yourself!

If I get any updates, I will let you know ASAP, even if it is no change.